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25 January 2010

most depressing day of the year

It has been posited that the Monday of the last full week in January is the bluest Monday there is.

Yeah, but...not if you can ride a bicycle!

The trails are awash in debris from this last round of storms. It was a good day for solo trail maintenance riding. It remains surprising just how movable very large logs/branches are with some judicious application of your judo chop. Sneaky trails were a little too mucky- better to wait for some more sun- but maritime chaparral drains like no other and is open for business. Fort Ord will be perrrrrfect come Saturday's Full Wolf Moon, when it will be Business Time.

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Gunnar Berg said...

Blue here. Isolated, No car. Snow, ice and frigid winds have taken me off the bike. Not a fit place to live now.