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06 January 2010


This Gustav Klimt image has been lifted from Golden Age Comic Book Stories, and is one of several stunning Klimt works he has on display today. The winter light is well captured.

The problem with the Big Dummy? Well, a problem was the cones were hella loose on the rear hub, which is why the tracking felt off. Another problem was the rear brake cable was binding. Binding. Notchy binding. Perhaps from the best camping trip ever? So there was alot of lubing today. Feets and feets of cable on that bike. And, plus the caliper (as I said) has always been in danger of getting impinged upon by a load. Sometimes it happened, and then I'd have to grumpily shift the load. Grumpily shift.

You lik how I said "happened"? Hopefully it won't ever be a issue again. This required my most honed mechanical skills: bending and forcing. I got to use the hammer and the vice.

Since this fine cargo bike was all newish and tuned, I took it out again to pick up the boy. He was enthusiastic.

Which I love. We headed straight for the mid-valley Safeway a.k.a. "the lollipop store" for a bag of Tootsie Pops to take to the woods. Secret Boys back at it. The steep hike up that hill pushing the Big Dummy whilst slip-sliding on the pine duff was exhausting. J took it in stride. I asked him to walk in front of me so I didn't crush him when I slipped and fell over backwards. He graciously obliged.

We hit the spot with the good sitting log for a sucker break and there were 2 Tecates and a Hansen's soda stashed there! Which was great, because I'd forgotten about them so they were an unlooked for bonus.

We continued our bike pushing walk.

Fancy winter light.

I was glad to reach the ridge.

We rolled up and down (a fair amount of up it felt, too) until we reached the snaky singletracks. We rallied them but good. I say it lots, but only cuz it's true: the Big Dummy handles much better with a load.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Awesome pics Rev. That kid has a cool Dad.

Gunnar Berg said...

Thumbs up.

Robert H said...

Will you be my dad?

Jonny Hamachi said...

There's a waiting list.