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27 November 2008

I can

not remember if we've discussed this in this forum yet or not. But it makes me laugh, so here it is anyway.

Turducken (emphasis mine)

You know how some folks (e.g. certain of my relatives) like to eat dead bodies? And on Thanksgiving, they like to stuff a little carcass inside a medium carcass inside a large carcass and then deep fry the lot? Well, that is not appetizing to me, but you may like it, and that's fine and your business not mine. In the words of that fine cyclist Kermit Thee Frog, "A frog's gotta eat."

Oh, it's funny though. And what is funny-er is imagining the local variations of this tightly packed delicacy. Using closer-to-home ingredients and a dash of imagination, you could serve up a tasty Raccrowmouse-which is a delicious option even in town! Or a countrified/countryfried Opossquirelizard. Perhaps a nutritious Wildhogskuntoad. Here along the Central Coast, you might serve up a Canadiangooseagugeon. Or a roasted Bobcowlsnake....near limitless possibilities.

What local variations can you think of for your , uh, neck of the woods?

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.


Tom said...

Vancouver, BC: Diced button mushrooms stuffed in a red pepper stuffed in a butternut squash stuffed in a baby.

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanksgiving was a good thing. Too much of everything - which is the point of a feast I guess.

I ain't got no receipes, but there are a bejillion Canadian Geese out on the lake in front of the house. A couple of years ago a God-fearing, law-abiding neighbor(Fed District Judge)lured one into his garage with a food trail. Closed the garage door and dis-patched the bird the traditional way - with a garden rake. He's the same guy who kills squirrels by floating grain on water in a deep barrel and letting the poor innocent, furry little treerats have a go at it. He may eat those too for all I know.

reverend dick said...

Tom- My Goodness. You are a SAVAGE, Sir. Is the baby particularly tasty served that way?

Gunnar-That judgehead guy sounds like a real nice fella. Hopefully, he stuffed his goose with some squirrel.

If he were Tom, it'd be an AmericanGoosabyquirrel.