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20 November 2008

Brief time in the woods

is a Good Time, nonetheless.

I dropped my mom off at the San Jose Airport yesterday for her flight back to Colorado. Seeing as how I'd be up that way, I packed my singlespeed in the auto and got on the horn to roust some Santa Cruzers for a bike ride in the redwoods, along some of their World Class(!) singletrack. One taker, one faker, one sick bellyacher. (hope you got the ginger tea, KB)

Showed up at friend T___'s house to find him 1/3 in the bag from a visit by another friend of his, claiming by Birthday rights that they hit the sauce. Nothing for it but to sit in the sun on the new (to them) deck and catch up. 1/2 in the bag later, we suited up and climbed that hill accompanied by J__.

There was a lot of talk (but really-isn't there always?) with regard to the waning of the light and how this would weigh heavily on ride choice and such. It is completely valid. You know I don't lik to use the lights, and held out as long as possible. Some people can hold out longer than I, and that person did- so I toted a light up the climb. My poor woolen jerseys have really taken a beating since I also do not lik to wear packs, and the pockets on the one I wore yesterday have merged due to seam rip to form 2 from 3. I stuffed the light and camera in a gimme musette and looped the strap over a shoulder with the bag in the smaller of the 2. Works for now...

So the trails under the redwoods are as good as ever- up and down. Man, I lurve to swoop and arc along on a bicycle. The climb was a joy. Just the right amount of effort needed with regular short, hard steeps to mix it up. Only walked a little.

Sat and breathed in the twilight under the canopy.

Climbed swoopily. Spun, stood and mashed, spun.

Then it was time to sit in the dying light out on a finger ridge.

Down into the trees for some riding by feel, pushing the edge, breath catching in our throats at unexpected roots or drops blurred by flat (lack of) light...until a flash behind me from T___ turning on. Not a moment too soon, as my own light coming on revealed my position at the top of a steep rooty chute.

Faster then.

And on and on to the bottom. Lights were required. It became so dark that trying to walk the trail would have been unpleasant. Glad I caved to Reason- I've run into plenty riding in the dark of those trees where the ambient light cannot reach.

Short and sweet. I lik riding the bikes!


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Nice one. I judge the quality of your posts by how much packing (to move west)I do after. This was a four boxer!
I ENVY you west side boys more than you can imagine and paint myself into your picutres as I read. If I find out you know the first peak boys at Steamer Lane, I'll be in the car and on I-10 before you can say :"uninvited guest!"

reverend dick said...

WB- I have to guess that Steamer Lane is a surfing reference. Nah, I don't know those guys. But if you invite yourself, there's a Good Time waiting for you on some dirt...