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08 June 2014

mysterious disappearances

Unexplained absences. Virtual this and that. As always, I attempt to crack open the seamy underneath and get some bike riding done with an eye to start something. Nibbles on the line- the old familiar, faded and frayed "who wants to Party? and ride 'hard'?" It's ever one or the other with these people. Small success the last couple weeks getting folks (plural?!) out in the woods at night aboard bicycles, drinking beers, doing things. An injection of chaos and good-natured anarchy is a balm to the soul. So, plans. Plans for the wrecking of some things that well deserve ruin, and from which wreckage a new platform for the launching of further fun and relaxation.

So and so gave us a handle of Crown Royal, which is out there for the time being. Go get some. I hauled it out from home, via bicycle in a backpack, too, so it is shriven. Yes, it's a glass bottle. C____ B___________ told me he'd had occasion to utilize the shrine for it's highest/best purpose the other day when he needed tools he didn't have with him. I liked hearing that. It really isn't simply a box of whiskey.

I received delivery on the parts to make a new front wheel for the Big Dummy the other day.

With some help (it took some figuring) I got it all loaded

and rolled that ramshackle sleigh up the hill, along streets and trails, and took it home to my workshop, my dear.

That ain't the best comparison photo, but you aren't paying for this. It's the Surly Dirt Wizard 2.7 on a 26" Rabbit Hole vs a 2.4 on some Mavic or other. It eyeballs about 12mm wider, and maybe the same taller. I reckon more float is good when hauling a bunch of other people's camping gear (for example) around on some fairly tough trails. If I may say so. I'll let you know how she goes. Oh. It's a dynohub on account of adventure and fun take place at all times, and you're better off prepared.

Also, there is not a whole lot that's better than staying loose on the bike and putting the front end where you want it while the rear hops and slips and catches and breaks loose and hooks up and it's all just like it should be.


Joe Dirt said...

what dyno hub do you recommend? Have some rims, considering building one up

reverend dick said...

I've used several different iterations of the Shimano hubs, and they work great for cheap. If I had my way, I'd buy a SON 15mm thru-axle version from Peter White, but...I'm cheap.

Over there in the sidebar, the gypsy by trade blog is a good resource for that type of stuff, and there is mention on a recent post of a new dyno I have not heard of before.

I would stress the importance of not getting hung up on geekery. Splitting hairs over how much drag, etc...I'm not trying to get to Mars under my own power, so if I have to push a little harder the worst that will happen is my beers warm up. Getting a fool-/fail-proof light outweighs all the negatives you could pile on the other side of the scale.

The light you use will make the really real difference. I've used the expensive 800 lumen(!) Supernova E3 and LOVE it. The Planet Bike Superflash is cheap and OK.

Joe Dirt said...

Thanks, I had bookmarked the Petwer White Cycles page because he seemd to have a wealth of info on them. I'll likely end up with a bang for the buck shimano hub and maybe one of those bright lights he recommends. I'll be using it for commuter mode and hopefully some MTB/bikepacking. I have a superflash now, I'm not sure it'll be worth it to me to replace that tail light with something connected to the dynamo. It seems to last forever and is high vis.

Thansk for the info, that Gypsy blog is a wealth of info for sure.


reverend dick said...

Oops- I meant the Planet Bike- uh- Blaze. I think. It's a headlight.