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29 June 2014

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Hi, buckaroos! It's Summertime for real, and that means thinking about new bicycles, new headset sizes, and cannibals. I just finished Savage Harvest by Carl Hoffman. (Spoiler: those savages ate that guy.) I figure the Rockefellers ain't reading this, so it won't add to their grief: I admit to taking a strange (savage?) satisfaction in the idea of the Mighty being brought so very low. I guess that says more about me than anything else but, to paraphrase Blowfly, I got to be true.

turn this shit up...

Don't misunderstand. I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone, and I am not interested in fucking Charles Manson in the ass, it's just...I feel a lot of folks are kidding themselves about the Nature of things. There's no joke in that story. It's well told and worth the read.

If I am going to ruin what shreds of credibility I have with this post, I may as well include the more relevant clip...

If you don't love Blowfly, we got nothing in common.


So, my clean cut son has a new-to-him bicycle. Remember JJ Shinburger's old Bridgestone camping bike? The one that J__ used on the Death Valley Ramble? It lives anew, as DR from PRs new skate commute vehicle:

Fairdale Bikes makes the Skate Rack (you can get one at your local bike shop). This set up gives the 14 year old DR the FREEDOM to get to the skate spot whenever he wants (and relieves us parents of the onus).

 As soon as it was all dialed, I made him ride over the hill to the Monterey skatepark. He knows the way.

Well, if I didn't make him, he would never self-motivate. It would always be too far or too hard or too something which keeps him from starting. I asked him afterwards how it was, and he said "not that bad." So now he knows he can do it. I'm a make him too tough to eat.

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