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04 June 2014

I think we can dispense with the dull preliminaries

Everbody loves getting straight to the fun having. It does take a short bike ride to get to the bike ride if you wanna really get it on, though. We can certainly dispense with the drive to the ride, right?



blackcatbicycles said...

paul needs to tuck his knees in a bit. we'll assume they're out to maintain his balance while pouring his beverage though. martini racing, indeed.

some of us get the opportunity to ride the rad straight from the door. others are not so lucky. burning gas to burn calories is somehow both an extravagant luxury and a toll to pay.

reverend dick said...

Not so fast, Mr. Lucky. You got the finest setup around in that regard, it's true. Even if you get tired of it (as one does since it's your same old same old), it is the GOODs. But let's consider the masses of "riders" who won't spend 45 minutes riding across town to get to those goods as a example. A drop in the bucket effort-wise, and how much time would be saved using a car to travel that distance anyhow in THAT town? Not a lot.

Sure, sure, if you live in say Houston...well, you are fucked in several ways with regard to the good bike life- better sharpen up your urban fixed freestyle session skillz or whatever.

We all have our railroad tracks and our residential streets and our by-ways. There is some getting that is good on the way to the better, and it's a bike ride. It takes me a minimum of an hour and ten to get to Ord and that's if I skip the fun stuff in favor of quickness.

If I don't have that time to spend, then it's whatever I can cram in, just like our boy Mr. Newman there. Street bikes.

Hey...let's get in a car and drive our lazy asses over to Coe. If we were hardcore, we'd ride there.