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24 June 2014

now more than ever

Street bikes. Interactions with sour men in (jacked up trucks...of course) traffic can't sour me, though I will say I am not the one to consider myself a "example" of how-to cycling behavior vis a vis following the rules of the road. For one thing, too frequently bikes don't trigger lights, and for another I'm looking out for my echo, my shadow, and me. I certainly don't look for trouble where there is none.

As I am mostly commuting these days, or my rides are mixed terrain jaunts tacked on to one or both ends of said commute, I ride a lot in whatever pants I'm wearing. Wool underwear makes it all possible. But today was a pure pleasure cruise and so it was stretchy tight pants from the skin out. I forgot how easy it is to move in lycra. It's pretty easy!

...looks like Western screech owl (Megascops kennicottii) to me. A tussle in the woods? Yes, I take trails on my street bike if they look fun. It is exciting to remember you are on 32mm slicks in the midst of a course change.

Every ounce counts when you are street biking. I'm enough of a weight weenie that I take off my shoes. It is nice.

Bikes are fun. Street bikes are super zippy. It is fun to climb on them, and to go down the hills very fast.  Also, when I am finished riding the street bike, I don't feel nearly as beat up.

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Buzz said...

ah yes....the BIG truck people..