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01 January 2014

there was a time when you didn't know what you know today

For what it's worth, this guy is KILLING IT with regards to using his mind and his imagination to have the fun including the bikes.

In related events, I got 3 flats on the last ride of 2013 (the Old year). I don't hold with no CO2 bullshit for just such a reasons. And, to the fellow shop employee who told me to throw away the old tube and put a new one in- YOU KNOW BETTER! Gah. OK, so it's got 4 patches on it now. 4 is the limit. It's good for a while yet, I hope.

Yes, that is a winter sangletrock around here. Also, that one log removal/moval/reremoval situation seems to have been resolved in our favor. The log remains, far off the trail. Success.

Mom really came through with the perfect Xmas present...

We're giving it the serious test tomorrow after work. Who has 2 thumbs, like to ride streets and trails, and throw back the low-end hooch? Most of us, I guess. (Ron Andrews, a.k.a. King Cage, is a man with whom to be reckoned. Support.) Now, while I have heard from some that mounting the flask on one's bike begs the attention of others and that it were better kept under the cover of a pocket, I see it both ways. I like to have my booze and drink it too as much as the next guy, but this "fender" action just cries out PARTY to me, and I dig that. In your face!

Welcome 2014! We still here. Back at it this year. Finally, if you don't already love Kool Keith, you better learn.

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Joe said...

Yeah, I've been digging the deathrideradventure blog a lot!!!!