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25 January 2014

the memory still lingers

My chainring is in the process of getting roached. I can feel it with each pedal stroke. It is a creak, a shimmy, and a wiggle. The chain is newish, clean, lubed, and taut. The BB is sound. The cranks- the cranks have their issues, but they are OG XTR c.1995 and as such as are in it for the long haul. (the threads are stripped, and I can't remove them without a gear puller, which I don't have) I mention these things because they are relevant and on my mind as I climb; especially as the fixed gear is usually refreshingly silent.

Pave/dirt commute the fun way. After dark, a little attitude adjustment, and quiet back road hills over to 68. I like the night, so if it's feasible, I leave the headlight off; just a tiny white blinky on the bars (keep some contingency lights on the townie(s) to be safe and keep the cops away, yeah?). Solo on the road, the red blinky stays on- it doesn't affect my vision, and it's safety 1st.

The commuter traffic on 68 is heavy. I turn on my helmet-mounted headlight (the slightly too heavy for helmet use Supernova Airstream claiming 260 lumens...I need to pin those (local) Light&Motion clowns down about a night ride test ride party) for increased visibility to the cars. I spin a complaining 46x18 along the highway. I watch for debris on the shoulder. I listen to West Coast rap like it ain't no thing, but only in my right ear so I can hear what's going on traffic-wise. I am (again. always) thankful to be wearing a cycling cap- the visor is a must to keep the oncoming headlights from blinding me.

I check behind me and bank across the lanes into the shopping mall with the 7-11 there as 218 intersects. The fixed gear is smooooooooth and fluid, creak be damned. I am watchful in there, as the cars are not. It is a nice way to cut the light, and I pop out onto 218 with much less traffic. At the right to climb up General Jim Moore, the traffic level drops again, significantly. That's what I'm talking about. An easy series of rollers ahead, my mind tries to play tricks on me with the suggestive option to take the right and climb S Boundary (it's closed to cars! you can drop 50 the swoopy way!) but I am wise to my ways and continue straight. At Eucalyptus, I turn off all lights and roll out to dirt.

I sit in the dark for a while. It is quiet.

Turning homeward, I take the easy way out and drop Cside(!). I still feel climby, so it is pave up the hill to one of several dirt options down the backside. At one point, I hop a fence. There is a beer stashed in the bole of that oak standing all by itself, and it is a nice spot to sit down.

35miles? The pedaling never stops.


Gunnar Berg said...

Nice ride, nice write.

K-dregg said...

Yep what he said.. Good stuff!