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27 January 2014

this purple hand will give a yellow spectre

 The new way to school. The other day it was whales and dolphins just off shore. Of course he takes it for granted. Fusses about the sand.

Well, nobody likes sand in their shoes.


How far is it to Cachagua General Store? 23.6miles.

So...road bikes, maing. 54ish miles for the lollipop loop. "How can you stay sucka-free when you livin in a world of lollipops?" I know, I know...but the local roads are old hat, and the lolli section is fun, it's just getting the stick 2 times that pains. Regardless, my legs are shaky after charging on the way out. That's a good feeling.

California is brown as can be right now, though. And I am thinking about where I want to force take the kids bikecamping for February Break. Arroyo Seco is too cold to swim, and so not an attention holder. Indians is a possibility, even though they will hate it- it is a bitch ass climb. But then, so is any part of Coe, and that is on the table in my mind. Gotta be somewhere within a (half?) day's drive- anything further is too much time wasted in the car for me. Hmmm. Who knows what's up with the North Rim of  the Grand Canyon this time of (this) year? Any of you internet knowers of (capable) kid friendly bike camping musts? Effort is fine, technical is not. Must be separate from traffic.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

I think they close the North rim after September...But you can't truct your vaction to a Floridiot. You will find something. Isn't Crater Lake near you?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

trust not *truct

blackcatbicycles said...

i hear death valley is nice this time of year.

Michael Santos said...

pt reyes, marin headlands, bolinas ridge, china camp?