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21 January 2014

a litigious clown who's lost his sense of humor

We used to do this all the time.

Now is the same only different. I hope to say that in the future.

Brief stop at the shrine to stock it with the left-over Templeton Rye. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this as a rye- it is far too sweet. But. It'll git you drunk. So, there is that.

I will avail myself of it another time. An afternoon on the trails with my 9 year old calls for a different type of fun...

 Like posting up at the New Stairs and heating up some lunch while the boy gets back to his roots.

 I have become so used to "cooking" with the Kelly Kettle that I just brought it, with no thought. How am I gonna heat the soup? With some carefully placed, closely monitored twigs. I spaced the soup pot up offa the chimney with these twigs. They'd catch fire, and I'd have to replace them, but it worked for a bit.

After the water boiled, we used it to blanch the spinach (in the can) and just stuck the soup pot right in the burning embers of the stove base to finish cooking.

Make it work.

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