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06 February 2013

the perfect occasion

 achtung! SON (Schmidt's Original Nabendynamo) is now producing a dynohub with a 15mm thru-axle...I think you know what this means. I see it is available through Peter White Cycles*(scroll down a bit), and looks to retail in the $ohmygoodness range, but it is what it is. I'm excited and you should be too, if you like to go adventuring off road on your bike where it is rough and you're smart. Or soft I guess. I am those things in spades.

There have been several "incidents" involving demo bikes and the use of a guy's personal normal dynohub, and they aren't optimal. The 15mm thru-axle makes a big difference in stiffness. I say all this while resting on my laurels of notorious discontent with the marketing of bike related items solely based on the "new" and "improved" monikers (does anyone still recommend bike stuff based on how Xtreme it is?). For real, this is exciting stuff. I'm shtill vaiting for ze huge groundswell of support needed to convince zose Germans zat a 135mm spaced dynohub is worth making...fat bike riders rise up and take your stance!

*your local can get these parts from Peter White Cycles and sell them to you for retail pricing, if you prefer. Because you aren't the kind of casual asshole who walks into the local shop expecting and demanding discounted everything.

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