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20 February 2013

outside of the Law your luck will run out fast

Just finished Tyler Hamilton's (with Daniel Coyle) book, The Secret Race. Hell no I didn't pay money for it- library, fool! It is worth a read if your interests lie in that direction. If you're not already completely overloaded on the fiasco that was PRO road racing in the late '90s and 2000s. I'd have a beer with Floyd Landis. The UCI has really got to go. Lance Armstrong truly is a butthole. Etc.

Who is rallying for this weekend's Full Moon Bicycle Freakout? It promises to be a real fine time...


blackcatbicycles said...

i'm goin' on the freakout. no doubt.

there was snow on that westernmost ridge yesterday. bring those down booties of your daughter's you "borrowed" last time. shit's gonna be froze.

the trails took a beating in the storm right after christmas. the steeper it was the more rutted it is.

if you want to rally that demo bike, you can borrow the jeneral's 30.9 seatpost rack since ever'body else is skeert. all the better. i only have enough chai to make a couple sockfulls.

Buzz said...

Snow on the westernmost ridge?...really?...hmmm I used to shoot pigeons up there when I was a whipper snapper. Yes, I KILLED animals once upon a time. No more..seems almost easier to do it to humans these days..could be a thug on another spacetimeline??


You guys are freaking animals!

ANIMALS on wheels.


Do not think I will try the 'moonlight' ride scenario until the temps go up about 20 f...!

Have fun boooyzz!

reverend dick said...

I fucking HATE chai. It tastes like hippy laundry.