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21 February 2013

apparent disregard of taste and fine art

Dude came into the shop the other day with a 1976 Masi Gran Criterium to be boxed for shipping. I don't really dig them, but I know of some guys who do so I packaged it up real nice. Lots and lots of foam wrap and tape and cardboard and zip-ties and newspaper. I'd a taken some pictures, know. The guy sort of gave me the creeps, to be honest. I packaged it well out of love for bicycles and anonymous peoples on the internet, not him. He was in his 60s and spoke with an English accent that may have been put on, and his wardrobe was age-inappropriate. Was it you?

Other guy calls the shop yesterday, and was nonplussed when informed that his 39t middle chainring has not arrived. "But you told me it would be there today." I had no hand in this prior to answering the phone, but I'm a team player and I'd like us all to have our bikes and ride them too, so I explained that, perhaps, the extended weekend played a part in the delay. "I don't even know what to say to you people." Which I particularly like, because I get to be part of a persecuted minority and that is rare for me. I speculated that the part will be arriving in short order- quite possibly in the following day or 2- as I am certain it has been both ordered and shipped. I checked the computer while he was grumbling at me. I assured him we would get right to work on it when the part arrived and call him upon completion. "I guess I just can't trust anything you people [really. again! I love it.] say." I told him I will try and keep a tighter control over the mail for him and hung up. He was such a dick and I was done swallowing. We will see if I face repercussions over this, because our owner is almost maniacal with regard to customer ass kissing.

I showed up this morning to a text from the mechanic who worked on the bike originally, saying he's forgotten to tell the customer he'd installed a new BB ($55 surprise!) because the old one was crapped out. This had not been cleared or discussed. I texted back the above exchange and the other mechanic tells me that dude hung up on him when he was told he'd need a new chainring and it would require ordering. Winner, winner. This whole scenario was effed, because at that point the guy had a legitimate (we should have called and gotten clearance before installing parts- it's common sense, common courtesy,  and even policy) bone of contention he can really worry, and he seems just the type to do so.

And so I set to work on this fine, middle of the road, 7 year old carbon fiber, triple chainring, adjustable stem pointed down and housing not trimmed accordingly, broken alloy chainring bolt, busted free seat tube water bottle bolt only to find it hasn't been ridden (or taken care of) in months, and yet dude acts like he's got some rush to ride. As though we were blowing his tight regimen all to hell. I cleaned, carbon pasted, installed, trimmed, replaced, glued, lubed and tuned the hell out of that bike for the love of bikes.

And for the love of a small paycheck. And for industry pricing. If he hadn't been such an ass, I'd have even re-wrapped his bars for him as part of the tune, but he was and I left those unsightly gaps.

We have a separate form on which we document all the details of a tune-up. It's a useful checklist that helps prevent forgetful mistakes and allows for an in depth explanation if the mechanic who'd done the tune is absent, etc. I documented all the little details, and when the guy came to pick up the bike I quoted him the final price, with no mention of details. Then I paused for the explosion. That's my style. I will try to brazen it out if possible. Ask forgiveness not permission, you know. Dude didn't blink an eye, so neither did I.

Fuck it, I'm going bike camping!


Gunnar Berg said...

Lord of the unsightly gaps.

Juancho said...

"I don't even know what to say to you people." Which I particularly like, because I get to be part of a persecuted minority and that is rare for me.

I got a right to be hostile!

Good thing you are hard-wired to love the bikes. This guy could have used some scrap bearings inside his handlebars.

reverend dick said...

My people been persecuted.

Johann Rissik said...

..and tomorrow he'll still be a prick with unsightly gaps in his bar tape. And you'll be riding.