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01 February 2013

the exact same thing

Words to the effect that there was the rolling and the leaning and the grinning cannot adequately convey the asskicking goodness of the getting off work early, the ritual suiting up, and the dirt riding. Pictures are unavailable, as I have broken my camera and my phone's ability to be a camera. Prolly because the overall joy of dirt riding is too much to be contained by either.

I demoed the full carbone full squish from the shop, and dang! it is a rocket. I love to hate mass produced throwaway bikes, and will not be purchasing one, but it is some fun. Throw your weight into the inside of a turn and feel the bike come around beneath you like you were the pivot around which the whole damn planet revolves. Do it again.

The only way to really pick up what I'm putting down is to try it for yourself. This is me telling you to go ride your bike. This is the Truth within you recognizing the Truth through a computer screen, darkly. GO!

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