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01 January 2013

the coelacanth!

You need to stop being a celocanth and start being a coelacanth. That's some free, unsolicited, and real advice for you.


Welcome 2013! My podnas and I ushered in the New Year with the 1st ride of 2013 Ord style, while the getting is good. As Suga Free breaks it down- if you stay ready you ain't got to get ready.

We closely examined "the Bee Tower".

Then we rolled over to the New Stairs for some Brown Lunch. It was J______'s idea. We haven't been doing that with any regularity in years. Time was, it was what this blog was about.

It was a real nice intro for all the Radness we have in store this year. Speaking of which, if you are in NorCal (bro) and you are also into Radness then you know about the Grasshopper Adventure Series. If you already didn't know, the 2013 schedule is posted...

Old Caz would be a (maybe) Good Time. OK, it will be a Good Time, it may or may not be a messy, cold, and rainy Good Time.


msantos said...

were y'all @ the caprock bar around 2pm yesterday? i was comin down 62 and saw some folks up there.

reverend dick said...

No Caprock. I don't hang out there since losers started taking our booze and putting up shitty plastic benches.