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14 January 2013

have you seen em yet?

...some of us been checkin out your act. And by now, it's looking kinda shaky.

I've started this post 3 times now, without being able to stop the slide into hateful ranting about Lance's  (the guy doped, it's officially official now) army of loyal fans. There is no good in hateful ranting, so here is :

Lance, and his type (ilk? fuck all you beautiful people) would deny us that. It's a celebration, bitches.


reverend dick said...

Yes, I said his fans. It's a given LA is a giant ass- and it's mostly about the way he screwed good folks (Frankie, Betsy, Emma O'Reilly, etc) as hard as he possibly could rather than dopingly beating other dopers.

His rabidly zealous fans who refused to see reason are a bummer. People need to wake up. Lance Armstrong and George W Bush are the same person. You will never catch weapons of mass destruction and 7 honest wins in the same room at the same time.

blackcatbicycles said...

he got hypodermic squirts,
now his own hair shirt,
ya know, i read it in a magazine...

i've done my fair share of hatin' on that guy. now it's just so pathetic. my hate has somewhat turned to empathy.
him trying to find a way out of the bed he made is plain sad. if he really is as psychopathic as some would have us believe, even more so.

love me some elton,
love me some biz (even though the falling down and rolling around has been the "benny and the jets schtick" since arsenio[!]).

reverend dick said...

Nope. Empathy is not deserved. He's Jimmy Swaggart, turning on the water works and counting on all the rubes to play their assigned role of forgiveness while he he salvages what he can of his ill-gotten fortune and rallies for his next role as born again politician.

Count on it.

Also- you saw the previous post? Planning for February's full moon...GO!

Little_Jewford said...

Lance deals in to many externals, Reverend

Always yellow jerseys, wristbands, and artist painted bikes

blackcatbicycles said...

1. the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.
2. the imaginative ascribing to an object, as a natural object or work of art, feelings or attitudes present in oneself: By means of empathy, a great painting becomes a mirror of the self.*

*from webster himself.

we've all been on the hot seat and could have used a tiny bit of compassion.
notice i mentioned nothing of forgiving. he certainly doesn't deserve that yet.
he does deserve to be forgotten.

lance is a sad, sad man that has put himself in quite a pickle. he is a prick- to the extreme. there is no doubt he lied, slandered, and manipulated the system with the express intent to destroy others' lives. it is now time to pay the piper. his name is now synonymous with the words "liar" and "cheat". i'm not about to cut the guy one iota of slack and say it's ok, but i'm not going to gleefully watch him implode.

he's gone to pray at the altar of oprah with the self serving agenda of the possibility of competing again. can you imagine what the starting line will be like for him for the rest of his life? talk about heckling... he will say they don't understand. he will say it doesn't bother him, but how could it not? does he deserve it? who am i to say?

frankie, betsy, greg, paul, and many others, have a clear conscience. lance will never live his deeds down. he may sleep soundly with what he thinks is a clear conscience, and that's the saddest part.
we say that we should lift the stigma of mental health to better equip our culture to deal with it. those are nice words, but when the mental illness is a psychopathy that dements one's thinking to the point of total disassociation with one's goals and the health and existence of others and their goals(capitalism, anyone?), the guy just becomes a dick that needs to be shut down and shoved aside. the dude obviously has major mental issues that should be dealt with more constructively than what the lynch mob currently offers.

his shit's been stinking for years. if he didn't see it coming, he truly is bat shit ka-razy.

that is all(from me).

coe-down, throw-down!
i thought the full turd-in-the-punchbowl moon was this month.
i'll have to check my schedule. might be in colorado...

reverend dick said...

Dude IS a dick that needs to be pushed aside and forgotten, not afforded more room on the red carpet starting line. My feeling is that he WON'T be subjected to the heckling he so deserves- because the only folks hooting and booing are the ones who'd be doing it now and in the past BEFORE his coming to Jesus/Oprah. You watch, the rest of the sheep will line right up to bow and scrape and let him off his hook on account of "it took ball(s) to own up and now we forgive him." I call bullshit.

Let's discuss this Coe get up.

LJ- Jumping down on brothers with both feet because they are after their LA, butyou're never around when your LA is in danger