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09 January 2013

the chicken is to be examined by the crime lab

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Meditate on this: pedaling smooth circles on the plastick bike out the valley. Imagine the sun is shining, and it is quickly warm enough for shirt-sleeves. Consider the lavish climb up the South face; which climb is so steep and so sustained there are false 1/4 of the way points, to say nothing of false summits. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Upon the triumphant return you might gather a child  from school. And by triumphant, you would mean alternating concerned glances at the watch with hammering and tonging the soft, over-worked and over-hotted legs against the anvil of looming dismissal bell.

Picture high-stepping through the Monterey Piney woods in search of mushrooms, gripped in the feverish tug of the real Treasure Hunt...

 Quite literally "bigger than your face."

J______ wants it known that he is the finder. After 2+ hours of fruitless meandering, we were headed back with the quickness as shadows lengthened...and there it was tucked into the shelter of 2 downed pines. Success!

FYI we are reading Micheal Chabon's wonderful "Summerland" at bedtime these evenings. If you have kids, or love baseball and sasquatches, or just enjoy reading well-written books then you will love it.

A: it prolly had ish to do.

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm....good thing you didn't run over it with your monster would that sound to IMBA