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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

13 January 2013

makes it easier

Heading out into the surprisingly cold evening, I had several meaningful and worthwhile thoughts. A dozen miles, several pulls on the bottle of good corn squeezins, and a couple cans of beer later, they have been driven from my head and all I can think about is holding the bars with one hand so I can shake some feeling back into the other. COLD!

Stay as dimly lit as possible. Take it how you will, it'll be true and keep you out of the clutches at the end of the long arm of the Law. On account of some of them trails are open in real life though shut on paper. Shift- shift your weight, shift your gears, shift your perspective.

We are not letting the lack of moon light hold us back. A few weeks will make the difference, and I am thinking about the steely resolve it will take to make the next month's Full Moon Coedown happen. Februrary 25th will be the Full Snow Moon, so it seems reasonable to schedule a celebration on the weekend nearest it- February 23rd and 24th. Locals, let's make it happen. Who knows what? Who wants to camp and where? What shall we ride? I know already where the bottle in the bushes is hid.

And, plus- ride your bicycle. It's real fun.

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Nice words Rev