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20 December 2012

just the tools that I use to get me in a good mood

 Get a rental bike and a rental tent-cabin to get yourself a real fine time.

 A little to the North and a lot into the dank redwoods there are trails to be ridden. Loamy, leaf-strewn, by turns slippery as hell and tacky as heaven, buffed ribbons of twisting, narrow singletrack are tucked up under the redwoods, through the madrones (who knew they get as big around as that?!?), bordering the tan oaks and 'neath the bay laurels. Kitty litter and spattery mud share the same surroundings. Separated by elevation, direction, and hard pedaling are some of the finer things in life- the myriad trails of ___ _____.

 Dank and dark tent-cabins make for some fine lies. 9 times out of 10, I'll opt to sleep out. That 1 time is justifiable if the temps are getting into the freezing range, it's raining on and off, and I'm soft-hearted.

I was real happy to be wearing some neoprene extremity covers. Notes to self: blinky light, overshorts, clip-on fenders (duh!), water bottles.

Full squish is a fine time when kamping (meaning there ain't no loads on me). I rallyed as best I am able. It was Fun. I'm into fun. Whatever's funnest.

This is an area I really (REALLY) enjoy riding. The times I've been through there before have been loong cross bike EPICS (uh huh), that have me too head-down following wheels to have any but the slightest idea where I was. The 2 back to back days of uppy downy dropped some key pieces into place for my personal mental map of the place. I feel pretty good about our options for daring do come warmer weather.I feel pretty good about some looong cross bike epics.

Yo ho! Riding so Xtreme it rips the clothes right down to the skin. So pretty.


Anonymous said...

stabbin cabin is a funny

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I can taste it...thx.

Anonymous said...

twas a fine time.
so romantic.

and yes, a broken bone with 4 hours of riding (in the dark) to go, i'd reckon qualifies a ride as an "epic".

ready for more...

we still must ride ______ trail in the correct direction.