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05 December 2012

this is me being patient

People come in to the bike shop and they ask questions. I encourage this practice. We've all been to the shop that's too nice to talk to and, frankly, it sucks. Lots of PRO egos running around in amateur bodies. I try to be welcoming without seeming (or being) insincere. It really gets under my skin when people ask me questions and then interrupt before I can get through my answer. It's not that they see the end of the sentence coming, either- it's that they don't give a shit what I'm saying. Which is fine, but then why ask the question at all in that case?

This happened several times today, multiply and with different customers.

Also, if you are a team rider sponsored by a shop, you should come in respectfully and politely. !!You are NOT a retail customer!! You should be aware of this, and behave accordingly. Any interactions with you will be immediately dropped if a paying customer comes in. Your needs are secondary at best. You do not merit special attention, much less special treatment and I don't care even a little bit that you were "riding with Levi" the other day. Taking a bike off the sales floor for a 45minute "demo" is well past unacceptable, it is flabbergastingly beyond the pale.

Your part in the arrangement is representing the shop as a positive ambassador, hopefully contributing to the shop culture and ideally bringing more business. Your part is not to suck the staff's time and labor along with grubbing for every deal you can get while throwing around a PRO vibe that makes you look like a cunt and the shop like it supports cunts.

Furthermo- oh. Yes, please continue with what you were saying.


Gunnar Berg said...

So, how's it going today?

Buzz said...

You crack my ass up Rev!

Even though I don't think I could hang with you on a big climb..I do think we have much in common as far as life view.

"Waiting is fullness". I know ....weak ass... 'will less ness'.
Wait for the 60's dude. You will be so F'ing tired of the *battle*.


The LITTLE things bring much joy then.

Oh boy they do.



Johann Rissik said...

Maybe judicious rubbing of saddle with Habanero?

Anonymous said...

no one likes a complainer

reverend dick said...

Reverend Dick the Doormat, that should be my name...cuz I'm the quietest wheel you ever saw!I LOVE it when he reacts to the news that the dolphins are in the jacuzzi. When his eyebrows go up and his tongue pushes his cheek out? That's funny.

That gal who really prompted the reaction yesterday came back in today, you know- to "talk to the owner"(=code for I want a discount off the sale price)and she said "RIIIGHT?!" 26 (twenty six!) times in that conversation. I had used the Mercedes dealership as a reference point in giving her directions (I could tell she knew where THAT was) and she attempted to enlist me in commiserating with her about her Mercedes problems, and today, after pointedly working the sale("I don't want to UNDER buy") she complained about her "million dollar house".


blackcatbicycles said...

that "riight?!?!" shit drives me crazy. the first time i heard it as a verbal tick was out of someone's mouth who really irked me. now there's nothing left but bad associations.

rev, could you put me in contact with your customer? i'm looking for a new shop as i've also been having trouble with my mercedes, which really just leads to trouble with one's mercedes dealership. the jerks at the dealership don't even drive mercedes. they all drive clapped out hyundais. how're they to know the misery associated to living with imperfect german engineering?

good help these days is hard to find.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I worked in retail for twenty years before I escaped to my current gig. I used to say that people don't want answers, they want you to tell them how smart they are.
Any time you take money from people, there is a certain amount of free therapy involved.
I love the complaining about the car and house, it is really veiled bragging.

Juancho said...

That sucks and you're right and all, but I really just want to say how much I LOVE Shakes the Clown.

reverend dick said...

Yaz, yaz, it is real gratifying having the high moral ground. Shakes is some Rocky level parable.Nothing but Truth and Hilarity, but through (ahem) a glass darkly.