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19 November 2012

the infinite use of finite means

 You know why. I know why. Because lashing a 3'6" x 5lb4oz crosscut saw to a pedal bike seems like a fine idea.

 And it is.

 It's not an idea you can just roll around promoting anywhere so after you wise up, best to tighten up with a clever disguise. I got to rig a bag for that tool. Keep it stealthy. Looking at that bundle, you'd never know it was there. Just another of the unwashed, DUI lowlifes using bikes instead of cars.

 Most of the time and effort that went into clearing trails today was spent prepping to cut; stripping the limbs of bark, removing hindrances to movement or vision, planning the cut in accord with potential to bind and/or jump. I like to cut as few times as possible, but Smart and Safe are more valuable to me than Fast and Loose. In this instance if in no other. So I  hang out in the woods and think about how to best cut wood. Somebody's got to.

 Surly junk straps are good for restraining loose ends. I cut the 1st limb and then moved to the 2nd...

 and took a lousy picture. Sorry. I will take some better pics- this saw is worth examining. I got it recently (thanks for the B-day present, mom!) and this is the 1st opportunity I've had to use it. All that talky talk is now action. All them logs that have plagued us are on notice...

I'd planned to take out that one log, but it was too out of bounds today given the unknowns. So I headed further over and cleaned up that big tangle, then looped back around to sweep the downhill.

Low lying infuriator?

Done and gone. And the waist high flow stopper? Removed and a beer drunk on it's spot. It's ours now. Again.

I am filled with Power. Glowing, looming, impending. Nothing but smooth trails where trails should be smooth. Nothing but judicious restraint and reckless abandon. It's all downhill from here.


Johann Rissik said...

Doesn't that put you on the wrong side of "concealed carry" legislation ;)

There are of course lighter, smaller, faster saws around, but they just don't have the class of that thing.

reverend dick said...

Johann, there's a balance point with regard to saw weight below which the blade is too flexy and it chatters and bucks in the kerf. A heavier saw is easier to use. It just bites and sinks, seemingly under it's own power. All I have to do is keep it moving. There is no effort (well, there should not be) in "making" it cut. So. Smaller? sure, but not that will cut the big logs and that's why these particular logs have remained and remained thorns in my side. My smaller, lighter saw couldn't handle them. Faster? Not without a noisy, smelly motor.

This saw is the result of some consideration. It is perfect.

If I took better pictures, you could see that it has a supplemental handle which can be pinned near the grip for 1 man use (as in the bad photo) or can be positioned at the opposite end for 2 man use. Dope!

reverend dick said...

In that last bad picture you can see the top cut come down and finish in the ragged ledge. The wood was rotten in the center and the kerf was closing up and binding the saw. I had to wiggle it out and underbuck so that the kerf opened as the weight of the log dragged the ends down/apart. Inelegant, but now I can ride that section of singletrack unhindered.

Johann Rissik said...

If you look at the landscape in my profile picture you'll know why wood saws are not my field of expertise.
And it's not about size or speed anyway ;)
I lust after those trails of yours, ours are very different round here.

blackcatbicycles said...

way to go!
there is a man i know who might be interested in making a bag for that fine saw. i know you've got a soft spot for waxed cotton and leather.
i'll ask.
a nice bag for such might throw off your hobo disguise though.

reverend dick said...

That is real nice of you. And that is my only soft spot. And it would take a lot to throw off my hobo disguise.