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29 November 2012

go to hell (and return unharmed)

Whew. That was a rockin' Good Time. The dappled 2 track made it glorious. I attempted singletrack along the ridge, but the wind from yesterday's downpour had dropped lots of branches. 1st real storm of the Winter, it put to rest my complaints that most of the saw work was done. There's plenty more now.

Fort Ord glows in the moonlight. I just put a wheel in to touch base at the Shrine and then turned it around and rode for home. Solo night riding can be scary for real- like what if I roll the wheel sideways on one of the many pine cones and crash and get knocked out?- and it can be scary in your head- like when are the werewolves going to come out of the dark shadows, cuz I know they're there. I just go ahead and ride even though it's scary and it ends up being fun. That's real profound.

Anyhow- you suckers missed it. I realize that schoolwork, and familial duties, and employment and really interesting TV shows take precedence though.


Buzz said...

I see Big Wheel Mikes latest post was titled the same as yours...Hmmmmmmmmm

I REALIZE that reality is full of suffering. Knarly stuff, no food, no ROOF...Bombs...bullets..mud and brush on the trail...ETC.

Riding a bike in the muddy rain and riding a bike on ridiculous knarly rocks is........a tough f'in life.

Oh boy

reverend dick said...

We all have our burdens to shoulder.

Johann Rissik said...

It's always good to know that even though half a world separates us, you're covering the western front ;)
For me there will be no full moon on the Desert Dash....