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27 November 2012

if I could go back in time

If you are entertaining the idea of riding bikes with someone for a period of days there are things to consider. If you know this person, it can be automatic. If you don't, it bears some thinking. Are they fun? Humorous? Capable? Resourceful? Does their fitness level dictate slowing down or speeding up? Are they accommodating? Respectful? Is their temper an issue? Do (not joking) they smell? Are your trail tastes sympatico? Do they wake up at 4AM and start banging cookware? Do they allow rest days? Do they only dine in high class eateries? Will they stop for thrift stores, hot springs, and shooting BB guns? Is Crosby Stills and Nash to be suffered? (because just NO) Etc.

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Gunnar Berg said...

Holy f**king balls! I thought I was in the wrong blog. I'm an old dog, change is hard for me.