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04 November 2012

hey! jambo jambo

Plenty o riding happening, not much o posting. If you were there then you know how it went. Every time, but some more than others I guess. One time it was a Noble Idea to restock the shrine, a common idea to restock it with a plastic 1/2 gallon of Early Times, and wholly ignoble to choke down the last inches of the Kessler from April past's Sleaze Otter. Had to be done, though; how are you gonna maintain Spirituality if you waste spirits? Sorry I crashed into a manzanita bush and my left side hurts. Sorry I tricked you into riding an extra time up that ridge . It was funny when you realized where you were and your shoulders sagged. Actually sorry we went so hard at it on Friday that everybody crapped out on Saturday. Where is the stamina?

Sorry I put Lionel Ritchie's dangerously catchy pop in front of you. Had to be done, though.


blackcatbicycles said...

loinel richie?!?! ouch.
i guess it's admirable that he could fit all that cocaine up there for as long as he did.
for those that missed it:
song: all night long
album: can't slow down

other hits include:
dancing on the ceiling and running with the night

my mom loves those songs.

the commodores is a different story though.

reverend dick said...

Lionel Richie is the man, and you love it. Next time it's Peter Cetera.

blackcatbicycles said...

i'll see your peter cetera and raise you an air supply.

reverend dick said...

I really thought I had closed all one-upsmanship on this with the original reference to Mr. George Benson. Coke's up, drinks down!