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28 January 2012

wanna see something gross?

Well, who doesn't? That's hardly a fair question. I didn't take any photos you understand, but after yesterday's totally kick ass dirt commute (dirt both ways, mind you- and it is dark in the woods at night right now) I found a tick on my rhymes-with-tick.
I know.
You know you're a mountain biker when...?

Well, I threw him in the toilet and pissed on him. Sorry you had to hear about this.

And, Mysterious B___ S_____ is, I'm sure, disappointed with me for not being punk enough to leave it there.


Joe said...

Been there, done that. You spend enough time in the woods and that's going to happen.

Pluck 'em off and drive on.

Lord Hayden said...

hey it worked out pretty well for Spiderman. Maybe your rhymes_with and its newfound superpowers will bring some excitement to PineConetown