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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

08 January 2012

press relations have soured

A few thoughts in relation to our recent long driving Road Trip...

Did y'all see "Crazy Heart"? My favorite part of that movie is Bad Blake getting out of his car and his belt buckle is undone. That is the only way to log some miles comfortably.

Fast lane, slow lane. Learn which is which.

Old friends who "jokingly" assign themselves the 2nd tier by saying "we are old". WTF? As cliche as it might be, stupid as stupid does. Or something. Give me a break! I'm fucked if I'll knuckle under based on numbered days. Everbody's gotta start where they are; handicaps fall where they may so let's get to the getting anyhow. What's the alternative?

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, MY PEOPLES. You are kidding yourselfs if you think you got hardships anyhow, you.

Lastly, for now, the Full Wolf Moon is nominally scheduled for Monday the 9th but has been postponed until Wednesday the 11th. Unless I beg off cuz I'm old.


Gunnar Berg said...

Eventually, eventually time will bite you in the ass and you will have to concede that you are old. But you ain't yet. You fight that good fight as long as you can.

reverend dick said...

I understand the inevitability of certain things.

I do NOT understand some people's willingness to call it a day when it's only noon. So to speak. I'm here to party waaaaaaay into the night.