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16 January 2012

if a stranger offers you a toy, some candy, or a puppy...

...take off.

Having received one of the Surly/Revelate Frame Packs (orderable through your LBS) the next logical step was to see how many cans of Hamm's it'll hold...

It is sized to fit the 22" Surly Pugsley or Neckromancer (waiting...), but I figured it would likely fit a number of my frames, and this is happily the case. It will be a useful piece of bikepacking gear. Any weight off of my back is a weight off of my back. Let the bike carry it.

D brought his skating bro, __indiana Jones, who rode the 24" mtb which hasn't seen use now that D has bumped up to 26". It fit him well, and he had a rock solid attitude for his 1st mtb outing- not one word of complaint, and showed willing the whole time. I like it.

J ruled it on the 20". A few bitter tears on the way back on account of tired frustration. I said what I say- "Those tears ain't helping you breathe." I help him on the up hills where I can, and walk his bike up the sandy, sandy ups- but he's a little guy with little legs pushing little wheels in a big wheeled world and that can be hard. He comes back strong with some Oreos, some honeyed almond/cashew mix, and some water.

Stand up tall, pretend you're strong in the hopes that you can be.

Oh. 14, with room for maybe 4 more if you put the tool bags somewhere else. The rubberized waterproof zippers are stiffffffff- seems like the frame bag will not be for quick in/out items. Perhaps they'll loosen up with use.


err said...

nice sack! any more info? did you happen to get a tallcan volume or do we need to do the conversion? thanks!

reverend dick said...

I'm pleased you like my sack. It is pretty big.

I believe tall boys would limit the carry by a low odd number. They are not as packable.

Robert H said...

"Surly Wind Sail"

Keep on keepin' on, Rev.

reverend dick said...

Robert, I offset the increased wind induced sideloading by packing it full of heavy shit. It's just waaaaay more stable.