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12 June 2011

let that be

what it be.

Q- What is going on with the video format?
A- I don't know. It's for listening anyhow, so don't fret. Start it at 1:30 if you don't want to hear the intro.

Things happen. Other stuff seems important.

When I get the option, though, I do lik to take a little camping trip (on and with my bicycle).

It is not yet the Full Stawberry Moon- that's on Wednesday?! why yes. Yes it is- but yet it was a night to ride. My nameless associate and I embarked in the twilight and ended in the deep, dark woods. We rode up and stashed our packs in a privately owned sheltered meadow. There was plenty of time for more riding as there was no more daylight to waste. We know the nighttime is given over to dissolute pursuits so we did our best. Our best riding through the dark with minimal lights in search of beers which had been stashed behind trees and trails which have been hemmed in with Poison Oak, that is.

Did you receive this image via your mobile Friday night? Well then, you should have Xed, you should have Yed and you would have been hella Zed.

Q- How many Northern Californians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A- Hella.

Even if (especially because?) such trips are only over-nighters, they are worth our time. A) What are you doing that is funner? 2) How many other nights do you have the option to do that other thing that really isn't funner C) That's what it takes to be a winner.

I thought I'd save some effort and sleep out with my tarp folded over the top of me like a burrito. Perhaps more like a soft taco. This worked out terribly. I'm puzzled as to how the condensation could be so heavy on both the outer and inner surfaces of my tarp/bivy. The fog was well in, and so thick on that ridge that it was falling out of solution onto us all night. Like a gentle sprinkle. You could honestly say it wasn't raining, but you were just as wet. It didn't matter so much for one over-night (I was plenty warm), though if I'd been on a multi-day effort I'd have been muuuuuuuch better off pitching a tent. If packing wet gear is a drag, using wet gear the following night is miserable drag.

These Hilleberg tents look dry and useful, if a little heavy.

We awoke.

I seem to be making a habit of sleeping next to this bike while it gets drenched. Next time it's getting drenched on it's own and I'm staying dry.

Breakfast was instant grits and left-over tofu scramble. See the tiny Tabasco?

I can't find my trusty Esbit. Good thing my faceless companion had a fancy pantsy alcohol stove.

I lik coffee.

My stuff.

I thought I'd illustrate the amount of precipitate.

My identityless co-camper taking his (or her) sweet-assed time packing up even though we had a schedule to keep. Look at all that stuff... this bikepacking frame-bag type set-up. I believe that is a sleeping bag in the seat bag gizmo? And I don't know what in the gas tank apparatus. I think I'd lik some frame bags. Save me the weight of racks at the minimum. And my back pack was heavy! and not so comfortable. All this, plus more on the one hand.

On the other hand, I already have racks and a back pack.

I believe I'll look into using a down comforter instead of a sleeping bag. Seeing as how I have one of them, and it might pack up lighter enough and smaller enough to warrant.

I broke a spoke on the way to work that afternoon. I keep saying this, but: that was the last ride on my rattly death trap of a suspension bike until I get a new fork. There were some good creaks.

Whatever I ride, I'll ride the hell out of it.

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