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28 June 2011

just try me

That's right. You heard right.

I'm onna show you people what a picnic is all about.

So. Toeclips. Tried them. Again. Don't love them. Again. I usually ride the fixed wheel bicycle (HARD. Both on-, and off-road.) in whatever I've got on my person at the time. I lik it that way. Mostly, it's platform pedals. Sometimes it's clipless (if I'm nasty). These 2 options work out fine. You may recall I ginned up a toeclips and straps style arrangement a couple weeks ago? Those of y'all reading for comprehension will know what I'm talking about here. Anyhow, the toe clips and (double) straps can go to hell. I'm serious.
They don't work well, and an injury is waiting in them. I'm all for making this bike-riding thing as convoluted and internecine as humanly possible and all, but. Pushing my fixed wheel bicycle up a trail and stumbling due to walking on the straps?!?...That's dumb. Further, I am unable to get them tightened enough to be of real use (though it does make them exciting to exit!) They are too shallow. I prefer platforms or clipless.

Is this enough to stop using them? Can I go back to my old used-to-be now? Or do I need more "reasons"?

Even with my (fancy pants, Eddy Merckx endorsed(!)) doesn't work for me. Now I will have to resort to Plan A I had for these shoes.

Unless the internet tells me I reached this decision in error. Then I just have to shut up and get in line.

Also, happening now!...Velocache Bellyache. Quit yours and get to gettin.

And, Monday and Tuesday bikecamping days? For the remainder of this Summer 2011, I shall endeavor to spend the Mon- and the Tuesdays atop a bicycle whilst sleeping in the dirt betwixt the 2. You are welcome to join me. Times and locations subject to change.

Plus Moab, consider yourselves warned- The WhiteRim Overnight...will be happening under the Full Harvest Moon, which is the 12th of September. Mark your calendars to be there or far from there, according to your preference. There will be no in between, half-stepping, or free rides. You will earn your turns in ways you don't know about yet. It will be sagged to the 1/2 way at Murphy's. You will (likely) hike your bicycle up the slidey scarey scree filled singletrack that now sits atop Mineral Bottom. Your ass will be afire. You will be adrunk.

Plan it up, people. It's a celebration!


Gunnar Berg said...

I like unstrapped stops - just enough to keep from sliding off the front of the pedal and gouging the backside of my calf. Maybe I'm the only guy so uncoordinated that he does that. On open roads or fancy-dandy paved paths I use traditional straps. That's just me.

reverend dick said...

Sounds like +1 on the WhiteRim Overnight to me...

Anonymous said...

Can't help you at Murphy's this time. We'll be on Cataract.


reverend dick said...

Dangit. Looks like it'll all be on the Love Muffin's shoulders.