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29 June 2011

now with the surest methods of escaping

Monday (that's my fun day) saw me aboard the fixed wheeled bicycle in and amongst the trees. There was a minor cat vs. mouse type scenario which I resolved by clever means and a will to persevere. I will ride certain trails. Full stop.

The fog/rain is upon us again. Will this Summer be cold and dreary like last year? I will need to exercise my complaining musckles if so. Being possessed of such a thick skull, I elected to remain on the ridge as long as possible as that's where I broke out of this foggy cover and into the sunlight. It was great. There was the downhill the one way and then the climb and then the downhill the other way, only longer and more singletracky. You would have loved it.

Tuesday we were supposed to head up to Santa Cruz to ride UCSC, but work got in the way. So we rode the trails in Pebble instead. 2 things occur to me: A)UCSC is fun but real short with lots of HWY9 BS involved. This makes it less appealing to me than other trails options in that region (yes, even when including Wilder). If you think different then you know things I don't. Teach me. And, 2) Pebble is better than average considering it is in your backyard. I haven't ridden that loop (all of a piece) in at least 3 years and it is perfectly acceptable singletrack which has some legs.

This is funny (haha) to me because my riding partner on the day is always fussing about Monterey and it's options for riding dirt. ____ ___ sucks. ______ _____ sucks. ______ ____ is a bust. ____ ____ is too far and sucks.
You see.
But he had never even ridden the trails we took that day. And he had no complaints upon having taken them. And, how could he?

So I will repeat a hackneyed phrase. HTFU. Ride what you got where you got it. It's what you got. And it's what will enable you to rule it when you go someplace where the riding is ______(insert your superlative of choice). Putting off riding for some perfect day is just putting off a good time.

Let's get 2 birds stoned at once...

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