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01 June 2011

take no chances

Today at the bike shop.

I had a lady come in and return a $200(I know, neither would I) mountain bike helmet because she "already had a pink helmet" but had wanted a white one to match her other jersey, but upon reflection decided it was silly to spend that money on a helmet just for the color. I was with her so far. Then she wanted to know what the differences between helmets were (shape/ventilation/weight...they all- even (especially?) the kids' helmets have to pass the same impact tests) and which was lighter than the one she was returning. Well, none. That's a big part of why the helmet cost $200 (I know, neither would I). Soooo, X is close in weight but it has unattractive graphics, and Y is close in weight and comes in white- but it's a...a...road helmet.

Yes, but all helmets pass the same- yes, you can wear a road helmet to ride your mountain bike. People do. I prefer road helmets for their streamlined shape and visorless magnificence, and I ride the heck out of some trails. No, but you can wear a cycling cap under your helmet if you need a visor.

I almost laughed because my 1st reaction was: "Oh. Good one." But this poor gal was not joking, she was genuinely stressed.

I (I thought) talked her down and sold her a $60 road helmet (no visor), and credited her card the difference. Then she wanted to know if this helmet didn't actually come with a visor, and had I misplaced it, because the illustration on the box which showed how to properly position the helmet on one's head showed a visored helmet.

But: Even though "the last guy" (wha? I really don't see it) at our shop told her only a mountain bike helmet would suffice for mountain biking, and even though her father told her she "looked like a bug without the visor" causing her to try on the road helmet with 2 different pair of glasses to check for bug-like-itude and ultimately declare it OK, and even though I politely yet pointedly asked her if she were happy with her choice...20 minutes later I answered the call from our sister store where she was returning that helmet because her husband had told her that a road helmet would not work.

What the hell?

People. There is no wrong way to do it. Let yourself go!


Gunnar Berg said...

This is a sad story. You should have told her that road helmets makes her ass look small.

Silk Hope said...

This is that state of America right now.

Rev did you sell her a cycling cap for an extra 20 bux?

I hope the hell you did!

Lord Hayden said...

I can only hope she ironically drove to your fine mall parking lot in a SUV.

Some people (and their husbands) still haven't gotten the memo:,11003/

Johann Rissik said...

You could have been really nasty and told her that road bike helmets are just mtb helmets worn back to front (with or without the visor). Kind of let her in on an inside secret sort of....

Patch Kit Guy said...

Um, you work in a shop. This is exactly what you signed up for when you took the job. Why are you suprised?

reverend dick said...

Oh! The humanity.

Dang, dude, I forgot about this ish.

Sheeple everywheres.