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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

30 November 2009

...but d'they call me ______, the bar- maker?

Och. They don't.

Same ride as before, only in daylight.

Winnowing the weak from the shafted, as it were. Come down selector! Trails chosen, trails taken away. (The horses ran roughshod over Fort Ord this Thanksgiving, and wrecked several trails.)

I had some mental breakthroughs this day. Ask me how.


Anonymous said...

Mental breakthroughs huh? I know how. Tom's Fries, thats how.

reverend dick said...

Those Tom's Vending Machine Fodder "Fries" were breakthroughs in one region in particular....and it ain't the brain hole.

Robert H said...

You are looking pretty fancy with that getup. Approved.