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01 December 2009

Don't count your chickens.

ride the ... rooster screen print
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I have been informed (by those who inform me of stuff) that the Full Cold Moon will be pushed back until Thursday December 3. Plan accordingly.

So if you have, like, meetings about riding bikes planned- well that's waaaaaay better than actually riding.


Lord Hayden said...

Unless your informant is Sun Ra, I'm riding Wed night.

But I'll probably ride Thursday too.

reverend dick said...

Nope, it was that other ruler of the heavens The Wife.

Patch Kit Guy said...

good thing I'm not married

reverend dick said...

But, but, but then...who rules your heavens?

Lord Hayden said...

I haz blazed my soft vacationy muscles in the woods tonight but am up for a little more tomorrow. I am Pumpin4TheMan until 5 and it takes me awhile to bike there...6:15 or so. Contact me if heavenly bodies besides mine own cancel said ride.