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05 December 2009

The coolest thing you've ever seen on the interweb

The impracticality. The danger. I truly believe if an occifer of the law saw this, said occifer would not be able to see it. You could rob a bank with this outfit.

For a bunch of whining complainers, The Fucking Bike Club is cooler than you. And me.


Bluepastures said...


Do mine eyes deceive me, or is that an honest-to-Jehu Busch bottle cozy in the photo. Righteous, my friends, righteous.

Loop de loop,


Robert H said...

There isn't enough nudity, but the photo is still pretty great.

reverend dick said...

First, I am not involved with the FBC, save to admire their fortitude and dedication from afar. Second, there is plenty of nudity in these peoples' other photos.

Come on! A fucking campfire on a trailer? It's an all-time WIN.

Little_Jewford said...

Being cooler then me is a pretty low bar...