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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

30 December 2009

___________s with HUGE gaping holes


J wanted to get out and ride. Rolly singletrack family style.

There's a lot going on here.

It is important to retain a firm grip on one's sucker. My instincts tell me that is so.

Conditions are pretty good right now. Fort Ord holds up well in the winter; the sand drains and tacks right up. Looking forward to more.

In an unrelated development: Thursday December 31st is the Full Blue Moon. Rumors abound...perhaps an undisclosed location in Big Sur? Ride your bike someplace fun. Watch out for drunks.


Gunnar Berg said...

Bicycles? Single track? See blog.
Happy New Year.

Little_Jewford said...

Happy new year rev....I squashed rumors of your demise last time I was up in SC