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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

30 November 2009

some of us been checking out your act kinda close...

And by now it's looking kinda shaky.

Just so we're clear. The Full Cold Moon is coming at you December 2. From where I sit, thass in 2 days- Wednesday. You know what to do, you know when and where to do it.

Consider yourselfs to have been ranted at with regards to the full moon's value via transience and mysticism and ride quality and Life Quality, and best use of time, and what the hell are you doing with your time on Earth, mortal? OK? Fuck. Just ride your bike for fuck's sake. You know, with no lights save the moon. Fuck.

We took a little recon ride last night, and trust me when I tell you I know eggzackly which corners to lay back on or you'll spill. And where all the grabby sandpits are.

Oh, and also (like it was an afterthought) there will be a (these are rare, so don't blow it) Full Blue Moon on December 31. From where I sit, thass New Year's Eve, and what better way to break the New Year in right. Right? Let it be trails for sure and only that night. No sharing the roads with amateurs and people in a rush.


From the amazing Mr. Mitchell.


And now if I may use this space for my own personal agenda...If I have been a worthless piece of shit to you (recently):

I apologize.

I am trying to get myself together and grow as a person. I truly mean that. It is a process. I'm sorry for being a jerk. I'm riding (again) these days, and that helps.

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Little_Jewford said...

Is Whitey goin to be on that full moon? And ya...I've been lookin kind of shaky....and I might even miss this week. But I'll be back in mix soon.

No Knock...bitches...