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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

03 November 2009

what? huh?

I waited some and drank some beers at the trailhead, but you must have had other things going on. I understand. Monday night is no time to go out and wreck yourself on trails and cheap canned beer. Everone has their priorities, their schedules and such. It occurs to me that it may only be myself who has this...urge to ride with no lights at questionable speeds through twisty singletrack. Who among us does not have their deeply personal and abiding interest in some singularly absorbing pursuit?

It's just that mine is important.

In part because the opportunities are so limited. 12 possibilities per year to ride out and see the world at it's best. (OK, on average- but your Blue Moon is an even more special circumstance and cannot be ignored) Moonlight changes those favorite rides with new and surprising magic. It is very different from "night riding" with blazing/limiting cones of headlights. Try it, and it'll make sense. I'm just trying to help you help yourself be happier.

Being alone in the woods under a Full Moon can be wonderful. Being alone under a Full Moon in the woods can be scary. Sudden pockets of cold air in the low spots, warm (almost hot last night) air in the open meadows and higher ridge lines. Strangely amplified rustling in the undergrowth. Deer appearing beside the trail from no place; as if from the darkness itself. The sounds of diverging and converging packs of yodel dogs singing to one another. Unidentifiable animal movements- large, and speedy too- which cause the warm rush of adrenaline down the back of your neck and across your shoulders.

This month I wised up and remembered to wear a cap. The visor helps a whole lot with keeping the moon from sneakily blinding you. I rode pretty directly (I've figured out the good line from the old rope towers is turning right at the paved road and then righter at the singletrack down to the open sandy area and the fireroad East towards Comanche's Grave)(also, the singletrack off that to hook under Blair Witch has now been bulldozed and fucked) over to the bluff at the end of Mud Hen Express (moonlit woop de doos!) where I lounged and toasted the moon with Michter's Single Barrel Rye Whiskey (which is an American/actual Rye ) and thought about real deep and fundamental shit which I will keep to myself.

I will say that there are now 9 dewy fresh Easter Eggs, bathed in the magic of Full Moonlight, aging in the shallow caves beneath the caprock there. If you are reading this and know where that is, you are welcome to 1 or 3.

I hope to see you next month for something similar, if a bit chillier. You know, if nothing good is on TV...

Carry on.


Robert H said...

Gossip Girl is only on once a week, dude. You need to reconsider that schedule... and relocate it I guess.

reverend dick said...

Full Moon would be a hack of a time for a brevet. Why are y'all sleeping?

Anonymous said...

i needed to stay close to a toilet. sorry.

Lord Hayden said...

My being in Portland to go mountain biking several days near Bend is my singlarly absorbing pursuit.

See you on the 2nd of December Pine Cone

rick said...

sorry mate
burnt up my matches riding home from the CX race on Sunday...