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24 November 2009

mouse fight breaks out! no clear winner

Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Son.

I got on the Long Haul Trucker for a sunny ride to work this morning. It's been a while. The handlebars felt a little off; like the right side was flexing up more than the left. I eyeballed the set up and it was a little cocked to the left, so I thought I must have knocked it around somewhere down the line...and I'd fix it later.

I flexed the bars back and forth a bunch getting reacquainted with the feel of this bike. Took some turns a little hot. You know. Super fast bumpy drop down the hill. Getting out over the front end. Dropping like a stone.

I wanted to go ride some dirt after work so I pulled out the multi-tool to re-align the stem, but this

was what I saw.

Oh my.

I called the wife for an automobile rescue.


D n L said...

hey you made it that far with a busted stem, just nurse it for a couple weeks!

A23 said...


And it's not even der dreaded Crabon Fibre.

Fxdwhl said...

good save. that stem looks well weathered too.

grommet said...

Freakin fat should go on a diet....and not be so big boned!

Anonymous said...

obviously all that brass was throwing the balance off, causing that side to fail.

reverend dick said...

You're all just jealous.

My advice is to stay away from the IRD chrome plated stems.

A23 said...

Is the bell for sale?

reverend dick said...

That bell produces the purest longest lasting tone ever.
Except for the Crane bells, which are even purer and longester lasting. I got it from Velo Orange or Rivendell. The Crane bells are available through your local from Merry Sales (I believe).