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09 July 2014

jockin the bitches...slapping them hoes

So we have TVs in the bike shop, which make a lot of convenient sense if we are showing Le Tour live (or I guess any bike related content- for a while we had Quicksilver on repeat, which I enjoyed). It makes little to no sense if we are showing other stuff, and to me is distracting/irritating. I'm crusty and out of date I guess. Social media demands human sacrifices. I have my small rebellions in turning the TVs to the Home Shopping Network, or any of the Spanish telenovas (bewbs, hehe).

And as we have these TVs, and it is Tour Time: today's stage. It was a good one! I very much appreciated the addition of the cobbles, and the rain, too. Same old bitching from those inclined to bitch about PRO racing being too hard. I say, conditions are never "too tough". Conditions were perfect! Why...they should have moats filled with alligators as "road furniture". Tejay Van Garderen is as soft as David Millar. "You guys got your drama..." I wonder what he thinks is the point? Souped up dummys riding their balls out asses off is the point- it's "racing", and PROs be ge__in paid to do it. So shut up and dance, monkey.

Yes. I realize.

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blackcatbicycles said...

it was a good one.

do you think i should get the continental gator skins for my new carbon gravel bike, or maybe the vitoria pave 28s? should i run a 53/44 like the pros? what about the panaracer t-serves? i like the pasella tire pattern but want a little more flat protection for when i do the dirty kanza in the flint hills. there's a lot of sharp rocks. but the casing on the standard pasella is so supple...
back to me. i've been doing a lot of wattage training and my average wattage going up the grade yesterday was around 380. i think i've got a good shot at the saturday sprint. i think i'll ride my tubulars. the new firecrests are so aero! with the new 25 tubbies i've been running, i think i've gained a .02% increase in average speed on flat to flat/rolling terrain! my next bike is gonna have the Di2 for sure. if you run all the wires internally and if you tape the wires against the tubes, your aero advantage really shoots up. and i don't mean just for the flats! oh no, when you go as fast as i do on the climbs, it really starts to pay dividends...
back to tires. what if i ran the pasellas tubeless? if i get some wider rims and ran the 28s, it would be like running the 30s, but 20 grams lighter! that's rotational weight! i think that'll be the ticket when i ride the dirty kanza.

oh. i think my anus is leaking. sorry 'bout the carpet.

back to tires. what about the specialized armadillos?!?! i hadn't even thought of those!!!