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25 July 2014

computer malfunction

It has been said that it's not the bike it's the rider. Recognizing the difference in ride quality from bike to bike (or in wheel size, or differences in componentry, or etc) is self evident. I have heard that there be "horses for courses" from one side of the mouth, while "run what you brung" drips out the other. Certain bicycle goods companies (almost all of them) will tell you that new is improved.

I can sweat the small things with the worst of them, but I prefer to not. The best bike? The one bike to have? Undeniably better than all the others?

that can is well seasoned

The one you are actually riding.

Today I rolled around on my rad townie (shitty is in the eye of the beholder). I can come up with any # of things to make this bike better. Especially when I am distracting myself from the hot and sweaty climb. None of those upgrades make any difference if they are unridden.

Get in the saddle for some time away from ____(s). Away is where it is at. It is the ride.

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