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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

22 July 2014

enjoy it before it's over

Some sleep in the dirt therapy is just the thing. Secret Boys style.

Want the treatment? Get out there and set up your fancy tarp while it is still light. Swang on the rope. Explore some new bits of woods. Wait for sunset. Ride around doing whatever it is you do. Eat take-out burritos in the dark, and wish for a candle lantern (which is something you haven't thought about since Boy Scouts). Talk amongst yourselves. Awaken several times in the night and lay there, listening to the soft rustling of the wood rats amongst the beer cans hidden in the tree. Think about various configurations of material in an attempt to maximize fun space. Relish being out in the woodsy night time.

Check out morning in the woods. Gaktronic likes to sleep on the platform, and he really likes having the roof. It spit a little the other night while I was out solo (and shelterless), so I brought the tarp along this go round. I am super happy with it.

D and I slept on the ground. 

Fun with Princess Bride ad libbing. The boys are well versed in that film.

What you do not see is me. I found a set of insulated coveralls. Perfect for lurking incognito.

Spontaneous mild derbying...I was so proud.

"Make your camp face."

May you experience aero tucks and kindly bears.


Juancho said...

That tarp set-up is honey.

africansingle said...

Those young men are getting big!