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17 July 2014

buzz words

You know the deal. This is a safe place. We here are all genuine bicycle enthusiasts. Real stand up characters.

That's a reason I am obligated to tell you of my most recent happy circumstance: the "finalization" of the 27.5" conversion of the Stumpjhumper (the J is silent). As you know, the WTB Speedmaster cantis were doing a job. It was not a good job though, as the brakes were mounted so far out the arms that leverage was for shit. There was an intention to stop, but it was vague and distracted. So I ordered the 110mm armed Clark's from my local shop on account of that length arm will clear the taller tyre. Success! Cheap Success!

So, if you were wondering about the potentiality of trying out this new craze on the cheap, it is possible. Remember: it (whatever "it" is) isn't the perfect wheel size that you gotta have, it's the wheel size that matches your body and riding style that you gotta have, so


 don't believe the hype. Aside: did I ever tell you about the time I went to hear Farrakhan speak? Chuck D steered us wrong on that one. I heard the man, and I understand.

I am equal parts sad to not be using such OG cantilevers nor sweet slingshot stem canti stop as it is intended, and happy to have some brakes that work. It was a small disappointment to find that the slots were so short on such long arms (I became confused as to the point of the length) but some judicious application of the file and all...mmmm...slotted into place. Hehe. Lever swap and done. So correct. Look for much more hoopty townie rallying in the future.

But in the beaten way of friendship, what make you at Elsinore?

A mystery package of substantive proportions.

I want y'all to tell me the name of my DJ.

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