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05 September 2012

pitilessly exposing the depravity of the true addict

 These are not my pictures, and (sadly) not my adventure:

 Atop a high point on the CA coast.

 _ick and Kam_on made an inspiring loop, which afforded the collective "us" an opportunity to ride a little ride to the familiar swimmin hole. Our little small adventure was to meet them at a certain point and then to hang out and swim and drink beers and eat snacks and swang off ropes and jump off low cliffs and catch lizards and run our mouths.

We arrived separately, 1sy 2sy. Each new arrival was met with rousing boos.

The boys and I were there, at the parking lot, making last minute adjustments to our bicycles when I heard a weirdo stop to say "Nice bikes". Being busy and not wanting to engage in small talk with The Public, I kept head down working and said "Thanks". So I missed the big return of The Skipper. Witness him above; head down working.

 I was bummed to see alla these bikes at the turn-off. Well, because I was concerned that they would all be at the swimmin hole. Crowdin it up.

No worries. We never saw them.

J was a true jackass on this one. He was excited and showing off in the worst ways. I lost some parental cool a couple times. Sorry y'all had to see that. And I'm not talking about the BB gun.

 It's the worlds' smallest lizard.

Eventually, we left:

I had a great time with you all.

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rik van hooydawg said...

thanks for the ride back Rev.. good times for sure..