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09 September 2012

don't let it go to your head


How much better could it get? I could be riding more. We can all say that, always. I try to keep it at the forefront- it is, after all, what keeps me happy. Cycles, etc. These days it is some commute upon commute, which is really the only way for me (you/us) to maintain whatever it is being maintained.

Commute. For real and for ever. Sure, easy for me to say, it's like this place is air conditioned all tucked up next to the Pacific- but it is True.

My commute is one I have perfected. It has extensive dirt options. I can commute it any one of several ways depending on how pressed for time I happen to be. I know how long each section and it's possible routes will take on average, so there is no guessy pressure or anxiety.

I will be leaving that job soon, and the (only) thing I will miss about it is the commute. It is so good. Lots of hard efforts, logs to ride over and duck under, multiple switchbacks, and always with the flowy lines.

It bears repeating that a good commute will whip or keep you in shape for all that fun ish you got planned.

And, plus, I tuned up several of the household bikes so that's heartening. Not that there aren't several more in various states, but. I did find the seat sandwich for the Brooks B73, so I fit it on the NeckRomancer. Whoa. What a jalopy.

No sneak attacks from this guy- you can hear me rolling.

Finally, it doesn't hurt that I know where the beers are hid along that homeward leg.

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