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24 September 2012

can't fight corruption with con tricks

 Still getting insults regarding the angry robot bike. Keep 'em coming. I deserve it.

It is amusing to me that some folks seem to really mean it. They are unsettled and righteously indignant, as if I gave a ish. I just laugh. It's light (to me, and this really struck home as I was shouldering it up that one off-camber uphill rock garden), shifts via bionic thought waves, and don't cost nuthin! No plasticized substrate off my nose. I'm riding it and putting it away wiped down.

FYI- you can stuff some 28s in there, though the rear must be crammed in uninflated. No fast wheel changes for this guy. Those are some steel beaded skinwalls I had laying around, but they are just my training rubber. They are working out great. (greatly?) Today saw some straight levitating up the hill and then leaving the pave for some dry and drifty dirt action. Save for a loosened headset after the steppy drop into the high maritime chaparral, the carbon puppet took it all in stride. Obviously (I would think), there are some trail features one does not attempt on a slick tyred street machine, but I did not pull any punches and rode it like I owned it.

Along the hillsides above Monterey are street sections I am typically inclined to avoid in favor of some stitched together route of dirt connectors. Today, after the main dirt I found myself skipping the lesser pieces for zipping down and zipping up the asphalt. It's just so fun.

This bike requires focus, though. No handed is fine, stable- but any input to the bars is immediate. It is NOT the bike for having some beers and some laughs, for reasons beyond the fact that it is on loan. It is so very willing to change direction.

So far, I'm having a nice time.


Gunnar Berg said...

Looks like very nice, functional machine. Enjoy.

John said...

Sweet song pick Mr. Reverend and good words too.

reverend dick said...

Such faint praise from such a contender as yourself, Berg, about such a blandroid of a street damning.

Nobody can't love the Ink Spots!