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18 June 2012

perhaps too highbrow for this crowd

It's not over between you and me.

Summertime is in effect, though. Schedules are all aflutter. Dropped kids off where kids get dropped in this ya time, parked at the skate park, and rolled through Cside(!) to shuffle around variously packed sandy singletrack.

Fixed Crosscheck, reanimated for it's 2nd ride since the shoulder/ass crash. I'm not sold on the Surly Open Bar. I tried it on the NeckRomancer, and it was too flexy. Now I'm trying it on the Crosscheck, and I think it's still too flexy. What I am loving is the quickness. 46x18 freaks out some folks, but it works real good real world style for me. I can ride thru town and ride up some hills and ride down most either and we're all gonna walk something, right? But, hey. Whoa! That bike can pick up some speed and keep turning it over. Quick to get up and enough to roll roll roll- I'll take as much as I can get.

We sashayed all around the old Friday night SS tracks, hunting and pecking the gradiest, most flowy climbs and descents, and it was faaaaaast. Fast and hot. I got the sunburned head on account of I forgot a helmet and a hat. Oops.

Riding fixed offroad makes for some fine dance moves. Cat-like.

Also, if you are riding around with powerful Western Diamondback mojo, take care of it or it will crumble.

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