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20 June 2012

____ful despoilers of everything decent

What follows is a list. It may or may not mean something to you. What it (shall I say "should"? No. But it would not be inappropriate if I did.) could mean is this:

Road riding is just as kickass as mountain biking. It can be as good as...a powder day! That's right, you heard right. Have you forgotten throwing your weight into the deep and solid arc of the sweeping asphalt switchback? Has it been that long since you put everything you had on the pedals and then did it again? And again? And again? And again? Is the thrill of one lane undulating through Redwoods too farfetched? Oh...

Trout Gulch. Fern Flat. Rider Rd. Eureka Canyon. Highland Way. Soquel San Jose Rd. Redwood Lodge Rd. Schulties Rd. Old Santa Cruz Highway. Mountain Charlie Rd (and never to be mentioned save in whispers- it is that good). Glenwood Dr. Granite Creek Rd. Branciforte Dr. Mountain View Rd. N Rodeo Gulch Rd. Etc.

Can I say something? We family. If you are not on board with the road riding, you're doing it wrong.

Oyez. Oyez. Oyez.

It is further noted: there is a new sheriff in Santa Cruz with the revelation of the Redwood Lodge Chapter, a branchito of the Church of the Sweet Ride. Welcome! All rights and privileges are hereby accorded to they and theirs (a.k.a I&I people) under the tutelage of Padre T___, Diocesan Social Director. FYI, Redwood Lodge Rd is a magic carpet of Ewokian proportions; a single lane of rough asphalt flowing as fast as you dare through shady goodness. Really. As fast as you dare. That's fast.

I am so full of Summer, it is bursting my seams.


kg said...

Coming to Monterey for 4 days at the end of the month for some work training. Trying to decide which bike to bring... Road, mountain or cross... Maybe even the track bike.. I should be able to get some rides in a couple of those afternoons/early evenings.

reverend dick said...

Well, that there list applies to the Santa Cruz Mountains, and it begins about 45 miles North of Monterey. Locally, I'd bring a cross bike, cuz I especially dig them and it's a great tool for fun in this area. (Anyone who tells you the road riding is World Class in Monterey is a clown and has never ridden the unBElievably fine roads in Santa Cruz's woods. Finally, there is Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose, for your tarck bike. But that's in San Jose.

If you like riding bikes like I like riding bikes (and you must have some idea of what that entails by this late in the game), bring what you bring and get at me. I'll see what kind of web I can weave for you.