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15 June 2012

no me vengas con chismes

I think your organized gravel events are a little bit silly.

I see it if it's in your backyard. I get the suffering for extended periods- I'm into that. It's traveling for something so...tame...that raises my hair. You are gonna do what you want, but I feel it should be pointed out: if you are bothering to plan and travel for a bike ride, it should be something more worthwhile. And yes, I am the arbiter of such things. So stop fucking around and plan a kickass back country adventure already.

Along those lines, who wants to ride Kokopelli Trail in 2-3 days July 19-21? I've yet to ride it, and how hard could it be? The Heat Index will really be something, you say? Whatevs, we can ride in the cooler nighttime hours jes fine with our sweet generator lights. Some good folks is getting hitched in Moab, and I think I'll take the train (no driving? observation deck? bar car?!) from Cali to GJ with my bike and roll over all super fun style.

Anyhow. Think about it.

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dirtybiker said...

i'm thinking about it...